Short Plays

This is a sampling of one-acts and ten-minute plays that I've written.

The River of Haircuts

A village council tears itself apart after the discovery of a supernatural phenomenon outside of town.

The Old Maid and Her Old Goose

An old maid is charged with instructing her young niece about the art of love on the eve of a Fancy Ball. When a rapacious libertine commandeers the lesson, a contest is born to determine whose approach to love is most potent.

The Blissful Orphans

After their last orphan is adopted, the proprietors of a Dickensian orphanage face an empty nest, a life crisis, and a surplus of whimsical bonnets.

St. Matilde's Malady

A swashbuckling one-act about rage, love, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The Dyeing Woman

A group of beleaguered dyers at a textile mill clash with their boss over time off, quotas, and promotions.

The Miracle

After having a Vision that she’s destined for Sainthood, a determined nun enlists a plucky novice to find three people in need of a miracle . . . with unforeseen results.

The Dungeons and the Dragons

An elf, a warrior and a wizard fight a necromancer in an enchanted village . . . while their real-life counterparts suffer as teenagers in rural America.

O Pioneers! O Settlers!

A couple of young pioneers face the unsettling possibility of settling in this whimsical covered-wagon comedy.


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