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Blue Point is a love story about a teenage boy in the rural Midwest who kills his best friend.  Taking place over the course of five years in alternating scenes of New Years and 4th of July, we watch these two friends search for stability in a world crumbling beneath their feet.  As their home lives become marred with death, poverty, and instability, the boys become increasingly violent, destructive and desperate for affection. To cope, they begin acting out fantasies of domination and humiliation over their schoolmates, a meth addict, and one another. These fantasies become progressively more dangerous until the final scene where the boys decide to commit a harrowing crime in a forgotten cemetery down a deserted gravel road.

Blue Point: Work
Blue Point: Pro Gallery


  • Workshop Production, UTNT, Directed by Charlie Otte

  • Workshop Reading, UT-Austin, Directed by Melissa Kievman

  • Featured in the 2013 International Playwriting Festival (U.K.)

  • Finalist, Lark Playwrights' Week

  • Finalist, PlayPenn

  • Finalist, Humana Festival of New American Plays

  • Finalist, Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship

Blue Point: Text


Click the link below to read the script and please reach out if you have any questions.

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